Black Movie Will Begin Filming From The End Of October

Music Producer/Artiste and Actor Vechenko Noel has recently given an update on the Black Land movie. According to Chenko, the movie will begin filming from late October. Black Land Movie is an adaptation from the ‘Black Land’ mini web series.

It’s a story of a detective’s journey to survive in a broken world. In 2018 a civil war broke out in Trinidad which claims the lives of thousands of people and eventually the Prime Minister. As a final strike, a bomb was sent to the heart of Port Of Spain, which send shock waves throughout the entire country.
Everything around became black, the only color could be seen is red. After the attack, a few government ministers remain to try and restore back the country to its natural state. But a large group of resistance is determined to rebuild Trinidad and Tobago the way they see fit.

Black Land the movie will aim for a 2017 release.


Black Land teaser trailer