Celeste Madray Is The Genius Behind The Tarsin Clay Figure

After the release of the Tarsin clay figure, fans went crazy and start asking about the person behind the clay figure. Well this talented individual is ‘Celeste Madray.’

About Celeste Madray

Celeste Madray is currently a third year student at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Mount Hope campus of the University of the West Indies. She attended Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain, where she studied an array of subjects throughout high school, with her most favored being Art. Although she did not pursue Art past CSEC level, she kept doing some creative work on the side, mostly as a hobby.

Primarily she did acrylic painting and clay sculpting, specifically animal paintings and sculptures. Recently she got into bracelet making as a hobby due to a newfound interest in Reiki beads, traditional Mala beads and the ever popular Lokai bead bracelets. Her thought was, “Why buy them online when I can simply just make them?” After her first purchase of beads and first batch of personal bracelets, people liked them so much that she started making them for sale. Eventually, a friend suggested to her that she should make small figurines as well to sell at a popular local market and from there Raven’s Nook TT was born.

The clay that she usually used for sculpting was the normal earth based pottery clay. However, for small figurines and characters that would be made in multiple batches and would need to be created in a fairly timely manner, an air dry clay with a smooth finish would be the most appropriate. After experimenting with multiple clays and recipes she discovered a type of clay known as cold porcelain, which is made from easily accessible raw materials including cornstarch and white glue. The clay dries clear and could be mixed with paints, soft pastels or mica powders and is cheaper to make than purchasing clay or using pottery clay which would then need to be paid for to kiln.

With this method, the sculptures made are more economical and can be sold for a lower price than pottery clay figures. Small figures would not break as easily as those made with pottery clay and carry a lighter weight. Her business is fairly new, but she plans on branching out and expanding on her products eventually. It acts as a good stress reliever from studies and is enjoyable as well, thus the work put into everything is done so with good intention.

Celeste Madray with the Tarsin Clay Figure


Yesterday Ceo of Ville Ventures Films stated that he was blown away by the sculpture of Tarsin. “I was really impress when I saw it and we are in talks of doing more work together,” says Ancil.

Tarsin clay action figure is expected to go on sale soon



Tarsin Clay Figure