Ville Ventures Films Launches ‘Ville Ventures Universe’

What is the Ville Ventures Universe?


Ville Ventures Universe

The Ville Ventures Universe is the shared universe where most of the comic stories published by Ville Ventures Comics take place.

The basic concept of the VV Universe is that it is supposed to be just like the real world, but with super heroes (and super villains) existing on it. However, there are other differences like fictional countries and cities exist in it.


The majority of the super humans on Earth owe their powers to the “marronilics” ( A Marronilic is a unit of heredity found in approximately 15% of living human organisms. It defines whether or not an individual has the potential to develop superhuman powers in response to a traumatic incident. Not all superhuman beings possess a marronilic. Many heroes and villains derive their powers through cultural heritage. Those who have developed powers from the gene are known as Marronhumans. A Marrongene is the Ville Ventures equivalent to Marvel Comics mutagenic x-factor and DC Comic matahumans). Others owe their powers to genetic manipulation or bionics. There are many heroes and villians who possess no powers at all but use advanced technology or training in special skills, such as martial arts. (Example Night Rogue)

Advanced Technology

Device are more advanced than those we have currently, but they are usually expensive and usually only rich or powerful individuals and organizations have them. Technology can also come from outer space or a different timeline. Robots and similar creations, including cyborgs, have superior intelligence because they are created as sentient beings. (Example Tarsin)


There are many intelligent extraterrestrial race as well. Many of them are humanoid, even human-like, in form; some can even interbreed with earth humans. Some have natural superpowers. ( Example Razor)

Order is kept around the galaxy by the unit called the Super Task Force. Rival peacekeeping organizations include the MOORS and the Trangellas.

Other dimension

The VV Universe is composed of a different dimensional plane, or parallel earth.

Valo Universe: Ten thousand years ago a lab performed a forbidden experiment in an effort to see the origin of the universe. In doing so they disrupted the process of cosmic creation resulting in an additional opposite universe. (Black Land series is from this universe).

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