Inspector Alexander Comic Featured In Today’s Newsday

TV host Inspector Alexander featured in comic book
By JULIEN NEAVES Sunday, May 29 2016

TV6 Beyond the Tape host Inspector Roger Alexander is a larger than life character. And tomorrow he will be going from the TV screen to the pages of a digital comic book and facing off against a local superhero.

The comic was written by Ville Ventures Films CEO Ancil Harris and features his own creation Tarsin, female police detective Nicole Baker who becomes a superhero via an alien super suit.

Harris, speaking during a telephone interview, recalled that in December last year he had an idea of doing a book about Alexander.

“I find he has this kind of superhero finish. I wanted to basically use him in a comic. And the comic I had was with Tarsin. She is a police and a vigilante. I wanted somebody to go head to head with her but still talk sense into her, convince her not to be a vigilante,” he explained.

Harris said he had a friend doing camera work for Beyond the Tape and he asked her for contact information to get in touch with Inspector Alexander to ask permission to use his image in the book.

He sent some test pictures and the Inspector “found it cool”.

Harris explained that there were not much photos of Alexander online to do a proper drawing of him and they had to organise a photo shoot. He temporarily shelved the idea during the controversy between Alexander and Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne.

“I did not want (the comic) associated with it,” Harris said.

About three weeks the controversy “died down” and they met for the photo shoot. Harris explained the idea and Alexander was “really excited”.

“Boy you could really draw,” he recalled Alexander telling him.

The Inspector told him that he could do anything with his image, once Harris was depicting that crime does not pay. He sent Alexander the cover for the book and it was featured on Beyond the Tape.

Harris explained that instead of having a Tarsin comic featuring Alexander he wanted to give him more exposure.

“I wanted to shed a light on the person he is,” he added.

Harris said the book, an eight page comic, will serve as an introduction to both Tarsin and Alexander.

There will be a volume two of the comic in about two months and this will be like Batman vs Superman, where they fight at first and then come together later.

The digital comic Inspector Alexander will be available tomorrow on

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