Jillia Cato Talks About Tarsin

During an interview in the Sunday’s Newsday (Sunday May 22nd) Jillia said that she is very excited to be taking on the Character as she is a big action fan.

“It is a nice twist to see a local version of what the US has. Nice to be a ‘Trinidad Wonder Woman’, she added.


Cato said you do not get a chance to see many superheroes and it is a nice change for our country to see that. “Give comic (readers and cartoon watchers another experience. Not just ‘Iron Man,’ she added.

In regards to her training Cato said it has been fun and she was even invited to join the kickboxing team after just one session.

Tarsin is scheduled to begin filming within the next 3 months.

Article by Julien Neaves ( Newsday)