Ville Ventures Announces Andrew Friday As Part Of Counting With Monsters Cast

Andrew Friday will voice one of the characters from the upcoming project ‘Counting with Monsters.’ The announcement was made today ( Via Twitter) ‘Andrew Friday will be on board for Counting With Monsters.’

Counting With Monsters is an educational program for infants. 4 lovely and interactive monsters will assist kids as they count from 1 to 20. DVDs will be available at selected book stores this August.

Andrew began his performing career at Presentation College, San Fernando, (1991-1998) where he participated in Music and Drama Festivals and annual musical theatre productions, with the school’s Music and Drama Departments. Coupled with gymnastics training and inspiration from television, Andrew developed his own style of physical and vocal comedy, through impersonations, at an early age.

Andrew “Fries” Friday was able to hone his talents through continuous research and training under dramatic masters, such as Dr. Helmer Hilwig and Christine Johnston (Jesus Christ Superstar -2004-2005), Eric Barry (The Catalyst – 2002), Raymond Choo Kong (Dat Is Man – 2006, Raymond Choo Kong Training Intensive – 2009, Choo Kong & Penny Tell It Like It Is – 2009, Death At A Funeral – 2010) and Debra Boucaud-Mason, (and most recently, as Lord Melody in Iere Theatre Productions’ Sparrow bioproduction Ten To One – 2015)to name a few, and Broadcasting and presenting pioneers such as the late great Holly Thomas and Eddison Carr.

Now majoring in Mass communications at COSTAATT, “Fries” has committed himself to entertainment, specifically along the lines of audio, video and print advertising talent (Digicel, Courts, Republic Bank, among others), live event hosting, audio and visual broadcasting (formerly Announcer, Newscaster and Programme Producer at BOOM Champions 94.1FM and Power 102FM), and stage performing (currently Randy Glasgow Productions, from 2012 to present).

Previous film credits include Contract Killers (2007) as a sailor (vocal extra), Girlfriends Getaway (2014) as a contest host; soon-to-be-released The Longest Wait as the supporting lead male; The Lies We Tell, as a supporting male player (both  (currently in post-production).

In 2016, whilst juggling other performance and project commitments since the year begun, Fries is excited about getting into voicing for animation, on “Monsters”, due to his love for kids and their formative development, and him being a kid-at-heart.”