Exclusive: Ancil Harris talks All About Us season 4


Producer Ancil Harris says that Ville Ventures Films will continue the ‘All About Us’ project with season 4.

“We have already start talking about season 4. We have some new ideas about enhancing the various story lines”, says Ancil. “We are considering bringing in new casts but still focus a lot on the current ones.”

“Actresses Chimere Prince ,Lisa Harper and Vechenko Noel have really impressed me and many viewers for their ‘All About Us ‘debut, so I look forward to their continued display for season 4.

” I believe we have a strong team with everyone having their own unique skills. Now we need to aim higher in terms of quality and plots.

“Hopefully we can start filming later this year but we don’t want to rush things down. Everyone is important to the team, without them this cannot be possible.

“Season 4 will take the intensity level even higher. The beginning stages for the script has begun.”