Focus on 2016

2015 has been a great year for Ville Ventures Films but 2016 is expected to be even greater with 3 big projects in particular.


Tarsin focus for 2016 will be a full feature movie as well as a three part comic book series. Jillia Cato has already been picked for the main character for the film and filming is expected to start within the first couple of months in the new year.

All About Us

Season 3 of All About Us will be out within the next two weeks both online and on television. There are also plans to do a feature length film.

Black Land

After completing season 1, Ville Ventures Films will continue with season 2, but with a little difference. Black land will have longer episodes between 20 to 22 mins in length. Added to that the first issue of the Black Land comics will be available online on the 4th of January

2016 is expected to be another venture for Ville Ventures Films.