Exclusive: Beverly Singh talks about ‘A Christmas Wish’.

The Christmas Wish is a children’s film about gratitude and gratefulness.

We talked with executive producer and writer Beverly Singh and this is what she had to say.

“In today’s world a lot of us are horrified at the lack of core values in today’s youth. My firm belief is that to foster any change we have to get through to the children who are still able to learn ..We try in our own way to inspire them to become better adults and in some small way we energize positive instead of negative and generate hope in our young ‘uns…My mom had a saying…”If you try to bend the tree when it is mature and rooted strong in the earth you will fail…but if you nurture and straighten the sapling when it is young and still flexible ..you will succeed in growing a strong erect tree reaching for the sky”…In so doing we help our kids now, to understand gratitude and gratefulness and we can surely aspire to see a generation that REACHES FOR THE SKY”.

A Christmas wish is set to premier on local stations this Christmas.

A Christmas Wish