Jillia Cato casted as Tarsin

Dancer and singer Jillia Cato has been tipped to play the local super hero ‘ Tarsin’.

Getting to know Jillia:

Jillia Cato is a product of seven years of St. George’s College, Barataria. She would be a part of the school’s football, aerobics teams, school musicals and choirs, representing the school in national competitions. That was where her spark as a dancer and singer was first seen and from there many propelled her into arena’s where she can flourish as an artist.

The first time she went to the World Hip Hop Championship, representing the Trinidad and Tobago, she did every workshop available and her flame was ignited. She began with educating students at schools in dance. After a year of teaching, she enrolled in UTT to pursue her BSc. in Process and Utilities Engineering, through which she danced and toured the world with Soca Artist Machel Montano HD as a dancer while teaching with the dance company ElleNYTT. It was during this time and into the next phase of her journey, that she received training with choreographers who have worked with likes of Janet Jackson, Just Timberlake, Stomp the Yard cast and even co-hosted a workshop with Talent Factory dance with world renowned choreographer from Step Up, Christopher Scott.

Upon completing her BSc. and moving on to dance with Kes The Band on tour, she finally pursued her deepest passion by becoming a part of UTT’s Academy for the Performing Arts to earn a BFA in Dance. There, she not only honed her dance craft, but learned about the crafts of her fellow artists in acting, music and theatre production. Her training and exposure in dance, allowed her to be the dance coordinator for various concerts, and for Antler Inc., a Canadian film company.

She dabbled in some acting while pursuing her degree and made appearances in a couple local films. Her experience with those landed her a position as the main character, Nicole Baker in Tarsin, the real-life motion animation by Ville Ventures. Her vocal ability opened the opportunity for her to sing with Kees Deiffenthaller Best Buy Theatre, New York, whilst dancing for him on tour. She is also now working on her self-written, neo-soul debut album at WiLuvBeats Studio, Barataria, with releases soon to be on the radio.


Tarsin starts filming this January.