What is ‘Comic Film’? Ville Ventures Films launches new art style for Black Land!

Today the Ville Ventures Films executive launched a name of their unique style of art for Black Land. The style is called ‘Comic Film’.

So what is Comic Film?

Comic Film is a mixture of :

1940’s comic art

Spoken word


Motion graphics

Live action film

Creative Director Roland George states,” This new art style is different and we hope it spreads worldwide. Our official first test is Black Land and so far we have received lots of good feedback about it’s look.” Cirus Media also gave support of this new style calling it ‘unique’.

So Black Land official art style is called ‘Comic Film’ will there be more like it? how will this new art style affect the film industry?

Director and writer of Black Land Ancil Harris says” We believe in time ‘Comic Film’ style will be global, but it’s all about the right marketing so we will be pushing Black Land in all the right directions.”

Check out these pics and the official trailer of Black Land below.

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