“We will be focusing on 4 main shows this year”- Celina Lyons

General Manager of Ville Ventures Films, Celina Lyons stated that there will be at least four television shows which will be the main focus for 2015. Over the past 5 years Ville Ventures Films have managed to produce close to 10 television shows. But this year they will be focusing on only 4. The 4 shows will be:

All About Us season 3

Chosen Folk Wars

Black Land

Techville season 3.

” We wanna really strengthen these shows in terms of quality and of course a great story”, says Celina.

It is also rumored that there may be a season 2 of T&T Styles, but nothing has been confirmed yet. As for Music Vault, Caribbean Mix, Tarsin and VVF Top 6 we may not see them on the screen till 2016.

Ville Ventures Online will bring forward more updates soon.