Chimere says : “Ancil will Co host T&T Styles season 2”

Recently, Ville Ventures Online talked to actress and host Chimere about the status of T&T Styles season 2. She indicated that filming will start within the next couple of weeks and she won’t be hosting alone. Chimere will have producer/director Ancil Harris in front the camera with her.” Ancil and I have good chemistry and i think it will be better having two hosts for this new season. We can interview persons much faster and also get a male prospective on our local hair styles”, says Chimere.

Ancil stepped down last year from hosting Music Vault, but stated that he is always ready when the team needs him.

So when will we expect a new season of T&T Styles? and will having Ancil on the show bring a new vibe?

well guess we will have to wait and see. Keep checking this site for more updates.

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