Ville Ventures Films reveals new series

Yesterday Ceo Ancil Harris revealed a brand new series from Ville Ventures Films entitled, ‘Black Land’.

According to Mr. Harris, Black Land is a 4 part mini series which took place in Trinidad and Tobago about 15 years from now. It features leading actor Vechenko Noel with a cameo from All About Us and T&T Styles star, Chimere.

” Right now we have already shot all the scenes, so we’re currently in editing stages”, says Mr.Harris. When asked when viewers will expect to see a release of Black Land, Mr. Harris added, ” All i can say for now is that it maybe out either late April or early May, the team still has to make that final decision”.

Ville Ventures Online was also told that a teaser trailer will also be launch soon. Keep checking this site for more updates on Black Land plus an exclusive insight on the concept and much more.