Today marks 5 years for Ville Ventures Films

Ville Ventures Films Limited launched on the 24th of April 2010, marks 5 years this year.  Ceo Ancil Harris stated , “we have came along way, we been through it all, the bad times and good times and we appreciate all the support that we have received so far. The members that stayed with us from day one really deserve this celebration.”

2010 was really a good start for Ville ventures Films having launch their first ever local television show on Gayelle TV  entitled, Techville.

The show aired in April of 2010 wih hosts Diannah and Maurice delivering a great job.

So after 5 years Ville Ventures Films has manage to release close to 10 television shows, tones of music videos and short films.

“This is just the beginning for us, this year we plan to expand the company and broaden the viewership of all our television shows”, says Ancil Harris.

Check out the list of television shows Ville ventures Films did within the five years….


Techville : season 1


Caribbean Mix Jamaica season 1

Music Vault TV season 1

All About Us season 1 ( 2012-2013)


All about us season 2 ( 2013-2014)

Music Vault season 2-3

Caribbean Mix T&T season 1

VVF Top 6 countdown

Techville season 2

Chosen short film


Music Vault season 4-5

G.E News season 1

Caribbean Mix Jamaica season 2

T&T Styles season 1

Life of Ville season 1

For 2015 Ville Ventures Films will concentrate on Television shows like :

Techville season 3                                           Life of Ville season 2

All About Us season 3                                    Chosen Folk wars season 1

T&T Styles season 2                                        Music Vault season 6

Tarsin                                                                 Music Vault Gospel season 1