Ville Ventures Films reveals list of Television shows from January to May 2015

So the wait is finally over. The management of Ville Ventures Films has reveal a short list of television programs only from January to May of 2015.

(1) Music Vault Gospel : January 2015, hosted by Zion Yute

(2) G.E News season 2:January 3rd 2015, hosted by Neicy

(3) T&T Styles season 2: February 7th 2015,hosted by Chimere

(4) Techville season 2 : March 2015, hosted by Dianna Charles

(5) All About Us season 3 : March 2015

(6) Star Strikers : April 2015

(7) Chosen Folk Wars : May 2015

Some of these seven Television shows has official release dates while others do not, but once the dates are confirmed,they will be released. Also added to the lineup will be a Ville ventures films production of You On Shupidness season 2 in January which will be hosted by DJ Chow Chow and Mr.Pantin.

Also next year in January, Ville Ventures Films will release another list of Television shows from June to December of 2015.