Caribbean Mix Jamaica season 2 aims for 2014

Caribbean Mix Jamaica Edition season 1 premiered back in 2012 on two networks, Gayelle TV and Synergy TV, also on numerous websites as well. Producer Ancil Harris talks about the success of season 1 and plans for season 2. ” Season 1 was a great experience, meeting various artistes and just chatting with them, the host Tessi is incredible, she is always on point when it comes to interviews” says Ancil. He added, ” This year suppose to be the launch of season 2 but things got set back so we’re planning to shoot and launch in 2014. Tessi will be back for season 2 and the show will have different segments add to it. Co Producer lesley Hayes will also be back on board to assist with the show, so look out for it”.

So it looks like big plans are in store for season 2, we will keep you guys updated as time pass.