Techville searches for a Co-Host

* can you ad-lib?

*How awesome and comfortable are you in front a camera?

* Are you a determined worker?

Well Ville Ventures Films is giving you the opportunity to be the co- host of the 3rd season of ‘Techville.’ This is a 30 minute episode inclusive of advertisements and will air on Gayelle Caribbean early 2014.

Techville is currently looking for males who are tech-savvy, very tech-savvy and who are well educated with all forms of technology such as cell phones, games, electronic devices, computers (movies & local arts and culture) etc.

This person must be alert of all new technologies entering the market-foreign and local and be able to provide the info to the producer, so she can compile a script for episodes of Techville.

Our past two seasons have been quite successful in terms of viewership and educating the public with vital info, thanks to our Director Ancil Harris , host/Producer Dianna Charles and team members Roland George and Celina Lyons. For a sneak peek into the telelvision series see the link for a pilot episodes


So keep it locked to Ville Ventures Films facebook fan page for more info and where and when the interviews would take place

Techville Season 3