Music Vault season 3 ends this Saturday

After an excited journey , Music Vault season 3 will be ending. The season finale will air this Saturday at 6pm on Gayelle. ” Music Vault season 3 has been very successful, with various artistes around the world sending us their music videos and showing us much love”, says host Ancil Harris. He added ” it has been a wonderful journey and viewers has been enjoying it since day one”.

For the season finale, Music Vault will premier brand new music videos as well as the results from the Top Ten music videos that fans voted. Music Vault has really became a unique music video show with popular episodes like the ‘ Summer Edition’ and especially the ‘Old School’ edition.

So what’s the next move for Music Vault? well season 4 of course. Season 4 is set to premier Saturday January 4th 2014 and will be full of brand new videos, new segments, co hosts and much more.

Also in the works will be a Music vault marathon of the best episodes from season 3. Date will be released to the public soon.

Music Vault poster

Music Vault poster

The Music Vault team are Ancil Harris, Ice Angel , Clifton Harris and Brooklyn Bond.