Nandi Lewis will co host Music Vault

Music Vault producers has decided to have a co-host for the show which they believe will add a unique vibes.

so they picked the very talent and beautiful artiste,  Nandi Lewis.

Nandi Lewis started singing at the age of 6 in Junior Calypso Monarch, Junior Soca Monarch, NYAC and other national competitions.  Nandi hails from Santa Cruz an performs musical genres such as Soca, Calypso, Latin, R&B and Reggae. She is a former student of St Francois Girls College where her musical ability was further enhanced. Her music video for her single “STAND UP” was on heavy rotation on both local and regional entertainment channels.

Nandi’s first episode is scheduled to premier Saturday 17th August 2013 on Gayelle tv as part of Music Vault’s Summer Edition.