All About Us season 2 with director Ice Angel

While on set on the first day shoot for All About Us season 2, we got a chance to chat a little with director Ice Angel. First we ask her views on season 1. ” well season 1 was great, tough and exciting. One great thing was that we had Ville Ventures Films and Prince Promotions on the project. The disadvantage was working without sponsors, but working as a team made it alot easier.”

What were your most memorable moment on set?

“It was a day when everyone was stressed. So we took a break, had a meal and talked nonsense for a while, ( she laughed) good stress reliever”.

Will there be any new cast, and will any old cast stay?

” yes there will be alot of new cast, but sad too say there won’t be all of the old cast back again”.

What will viewers expect from season 2

“more drama, laughter and of course baccanal . Story lines will be tighter and scenes more intense.”

So with season 2 already filming, fans will be able to see some behind the scenes footage and updates. Image