New exciting TV series called ‘Mixology’ comes to Synergy TV

Happy hour comes to Synergy TV with the presentation “Mixology”, a brand new show that excites the senses while it slakes your thirst for the history, hints and ins and outs of your favorite drinks and cocktail components. The active lifestyle of urban Trinidad and Tobago dictates a social twirl that demands a thirst for entertainment and relaxation, Mixology satisfies that need as the show highlights today’s creative and complex cocktails served by mad-scientist mixologists in sexy lounges, the drink you’re holding the long and exciting journey it took to get into your hand. Fruity or tart. Shaken or stirred. Trendy or timeless. The cocktail is back and getting a renew kind of praise and attention that is effectively captured in “Mixology”. This show is produced by Mike Jones and filmed by Ville Ventures Films. Premiers May 1st on Synergy TVImage